Third Party Distribution of PMS

At WS FinServ, we take immense pride in serving our customers discretionary portfolio management needs, enabling them to reach their specific financial goals taking into consideration their risk appetite and risk attitude. Discretionary Portfolio Management Service (PMS) involves equity investments, equities being a popular asset class amongst High Net Worth Individuals/Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.
WS FinServ has tied up with selected asset management companies offering discretionary PMS through different investment objectives with an aim to deliver consistent returns. The biggest advantage of PMS is that it is led by an expert fund management team, with a strong research team and active risk management to back them up, thus enabling investors sound wealth management.

WS FinServ has tied up as Channel Partner with the following Asset Management Companies offering various PMS with different Investment Strategies:
• MotilalOswal Financial Services Limited – Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity (NTDOP), Value Strategy and India Opportunity Portfolio (IOP). We also offer Indian Entrepreneur Portfolio (IEP) managed by ASK Investment Managers.
• Axis Asset Management Company – Brand Equity Portfolio
• Sundaram Asset Management Company – Sundaram India Select Opportunity Portfolio (SISOP), SPM Mid Cap Portfolio, SPM-PACE Portfolio and SPM – Micro Cap Portfolio